Just the other day CD
Just the other day CD
It was Just the Other...

It was Just the Other...


Includes 10 original songs that take us back to the fleeting moments of childhood and remind us to cherish the days that race on before us. See product description for song samples.

If you can’t find your child’s name from our list, you may want to order our versions that sing “My Son” or “My Daughter” in place of a name. We also have a Universal CD that sings the same songs without using a name, or we have a version that sings “My Sunshine” in place of the name.

Only one child’s name per album. Please type your child’s name in the block provided OR “My Son”, “My Daughter” or “My Sunshine”.

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Features 10 original songs written to touch the heart. This CD celebrates the magical relationship we have with our children, from the day they were born, to the first day of school, to the day they journey out into the world on their own.

No matter who the listener may be, they will find themselves drawn to the power of the words and the tenderness of the music.

Your Child's Name Sung Throughout This CD.

Written to encourage, uplift and remind us to cherish the days that race on before us, because no matter where we are in this incredible relationship with the children in our lives, one day we will all come to the same cross road and say..."It Was Just the Other Day."

Toddlers love to hear their name being sung to them throughout the songs.

Older children love it too! They understand the importance of the words and are able to grasp the magnitude of their meaning. Many of our satisfied customers have even purchased our music for their GROWN children.



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