Glimpse of Heaven CD
Glimpse of Heaven

Glimpse of Heaven


This CD features 30 minutes of beautiful love songs to children. Created for those tender moments at twilight when, together, parents and children reminisce and dream.

If you can't find your child's name from our list, you may want to order our versions that sing “My Son” or “My Daughter” in place of a name. We also have a Universal CD that sings the same songs without using a name, or we have a version that sings “My Sunshine” in place of the name.

Only one child's name per album. Please type your child's name in the block provided OR “My Son”, “My Daughter” or “My Sunshine”.

VIEW AVAILABLE NAMES<br/ >We can do any spelling for no additional charge.

Please check AVAILABLE NAMES list before entering name in below.




Babies are lulled off to sleep by the soothing vocals and orchestration.

Toddlers love to hear their name being sung to them throughout the songs.

Older children love it too! They understand the importance of the words and are able to grasp the magnitude of their meaning. Many of our satisfied customers have even purchased our music for their GROWN children.

Build a bond for life!
These songs help children feel loved, building a strong sense of self-worth.
Glimpse of Heaven personalized albums are great for all ages!

Our album features any child's name sung throughout these all original songs.  The words to these songs are beautiful and heartfelt, making each child feel the songs were written just for them. Our music is TIMELESS!

Remember-- your child's name will be sung throughout your CD!
(All songs in samples sing the name, "Michaela")


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