Bella Bundles Gray Damask Shushie

Bella Bundles Gray Damask Shushie


Have you ever tried to quietly open a door to sneak a peak at your sleeping baby; only to be busted by the sound of the latch as you turn the door knob?!!!

Shushies™ work to muffle the sound of the latch so that you do not wake your sleeping baby. Elastic bands fasten around the knobs on both sides of a door, securely covering the latch with a cushion.

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Bella Bundles Gray Damask Shushie

Julie Feldman is the founder, designer and creator of Bella Bundles™. Her inspiration for Bella Bundles™ springs from many different sources, including her young daughter, a passion for fabric and design, and a preference for stylish, cozy and practical blankets, bibs and towels.

She saw a need for functional baby blankets, towels and bibs. Bella Bundles™ delivers products that have solved many of the issues she found as a consumer.

Her quest to find great baby blankets, bibs and towels for friends who had or were expecting children often left me disappointed. The blankets, bibs and towels she came across were not soft enough, the fabric's print was not impressive. Most of all they were not functional. As a result, she started to make blankets, bibs and towels for friends and received amazing feedback.

It was after she gave birth to her first daughter that she had an even better understanding of what was lacking in baby blanket, bib and towel market. Bibs were always too short and they were not reversible. Blankets would always fall off the stroller, becoming dirty and failing to shield her daughter from the sun or keep her warm. She also couldn't find a blanket that worked well with her baby carrier or that helped her nurse privately in public. Hooded towels were cute, but they always fell open leaving little ones cold.

After a bit of hard work and some creativity, she came up with solutions to what she felt were lacking with baby blankets, bibs and towels.
- She designed stylish bibs that are long, reversible and have a terry cloth bottom to cover/ wipe those messy spills.
- A blanket, called the Blanket on the Go™ that can snap onto strollers and carriers and safely snap around mommies neck to
provide coverage while nursing.
- The towels are made with a snap closure at the nape of the neck, keeping infants - children warm and bundled.

Her friends loved her new designs. They started and continue to purchase them for their children, family and friends. Based on her friends' positive responses, she knew she was onto something and took her hobby to the next level. She created Bella Bundles™ for all to enjoy!

She continues to work on new ideas and add new products to our inventory.

Bella Bundles™' products show that you don't have to be "cutesy" to be cute, stylish and functional!


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