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Why Choose SisterSong

As far as quality goes...I believe my images speak for themselves. But...I want you to know that exceptional photography isn't the only reason to choose SisterSong. I truly do take care of everything from start to finish and am readily available to make your entire experience a pleasant and rewarding one.

Our advantages

I run a small boutique portrait studio that focuses on quality, not quantity.

This allows me to limit the number of sessions I schedule and focus more time and energy onto each client that shares their family and loved ones with me. I give personal attention to every session from start to finish.

I offer pre-consultations to collaborate with you on session style, outfit selection, location, backgrounds and more.

When the day of your session arrives, I have a fun, upbeat style with a "no rush" atmosphere so you can sit back, relax and let me make you look your very best with my photographic expertise. I am a stickler for detail and will make sure everything is perfect both on you and around you.

I spend several hours editing your session

After your session, I spend several hours editing your session to make sure each and every image in your gallery is exquisitely retouched and transformed into works of art that you will be proud to display in your homes. When your session images are ready, I will send you an on-line gallery which will be up for one week at no cost to you. During this time, you will be able to pick which images you would like to purchase the digital images of and any products that you would like to order from me. All of my packages are flexible and are more of guideline than a rigid price structure. All poses ordered will be saved indefinitely. All poses not ordered will be deleted after your order is completed. I accept all major credit cards and offer split payments on orders over $600.


Family & Individual In Studio Session Rates:

$250.00 ( Non-refundable and due when you book your time)

Senior sessions:

$200 Basic - in studio - 20 -30 minutes (2-3 outfit changes)

$250 - Around the town - in studio and around the the metro area. Up to 6 outfit changes and approximately 2-3 hours.

On Site Session Rates:

$250.00 (Non-refundable and due when you book your time)
(mileage will apply if more than 10 miles away)
Your session fee is non-refundable, but your time can be rescheduled if an emergency arises.

There is a $100 minimum portrait investment deposit due at the beginning of your photo session. This money will be applied toward your session portrait order. (Prepayment is non-refundable)

  • Packages starting at $585 and all include edited digital files with unlimited printing.
  • All portraits come with a linen or pebble finish.
  • 11 x 14 & up comes mounted.
  • All touch-ups are included in pricing.
  • I offer custom framing for all story boards and wall portraits.

Business Head Shots

business-headshotDoes your business need updated headshots? I can come to your business and provide fast, high-quality, images for your professional needs.

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As far as quality goes...I believe my images speak for themselves.

I want you to know that exceptional photography isn't the only reason to choose SisterSong Portrait Studio.

My Philosophy


I have had so many people comment on how I seem to capture the very essence of the subjects I am photographing.
"How do you do it?", they ask.

First of all, my work is a direct reflection of who I am and what I love in all forms of art. I want my viewers hearts to ache as they look at my work. I want it to take their breath away. I love to capture raw emotion and openly honest expressions that captivate the audience. I often "feel" the very moment I am about to capture THE portrait. I don't believe this is something that can be taught...it is something that just is...it is the difference between a photographer and an artist.

Secondly, because I read people well, I am able to set most people at ease almost immediately. I try to take the time during each session to truly connect with my clients. I laugh a LOT and ask a lot of questions. Being a "people person", I genuinely want to learn everything I can about a person during their session. I want to know what makes them blush, what makes them laugh, what makes them roll their eyes. I want to know what music they like, what their favorite food is, who is the silliest person they know. As we talk, they begin to relax and focus more on the conversation than the session. The tension starts to melt away and before they realize it...I've captured them sharing themselves with me...AND my camera.

What to Wear

I LOVE accessories! I have several at the studio but feel free to bring your own scarves, hats, mittens, boots, etc. White slips for girls are beautiful, or light flowing material. For boys, either khakis with a white shirt, or bib overalls with no shirt is darling. If you have a special outfit for the child, I would love to work with you to find the perfect backdrop to go with it. When you book your appointment, just schedule a time to bring the outfit by the studio so I can see it to plan accordingly.

For senior sessions, I prefer you bring in a large variety of choices before your session so we can plan together what outfits you will wear with which backdrops. Also, it is important that you wear outfits that you like, but also bring a few outfits that your parents love. The pictures are for them too!! I strongly encourage you to bring something dressy to go with the casual. Look at some of the senior pictures in prom dresses...they are stunning!

For families...complimentary is key. No more cookie cutter outfits. Think of how you would decorate a room with throw pillows and blankets. I can send you ideas for family outfits after you book your session.


Book A Session

If you would like to book your session or simply have questions about a session please email me at sales@sistersong.com or call 651-380-5205. You may also send me a message on facebook.


Erika does amazing work she has photographed my twins since they were 9 months old, her ability to capture them is amazing. Truly a very talented lady.
Heather R.